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        Save BIG Money on your energy costs with these
                                  small changes!

  • DIGITAL SETBACK THERMOSTATS: Our recommendation for replacing mechanical thermostats.
    Digital thermostats are accurate to one degree. The built-in timing mechanisms adjsut temperature settings at various times of the day and week, reducing household temperatures when you're not at home and during sleeping periods when most of us are more comfortable. Fuel savings can be realized even at room temperature settings because the digital devices are so precise.

  • FLOW-RESTRICTING SHOWER HEADS: Probably the least expensive, yet most efficient change we can make in your plumbing system. Bathing with this tyhpe of shower head is justas satisfying, but far more efficient, than the older models. You'll realize substantial savings on your domestic water heating bill.

  • ZONING SYSTEMS: Why heat rooms when you don't use them? A variety of zoning controls are available for most systems. Even old-style radiators can be made to work far more efficiently with
    the addition of self-regulating valves.

  • STAINLESS STEEL WATER HEATERS: One of the more expensive, but none-the-less worthwhile, improvements you can make to your plumbing system. We recommend the super-insulated indirect heat exchange models. These come with lifetime, first-owner warranties and are so efficient that there
    is less than one degree of standby temperature loss per hour. The heaters we recommend will likely pay for themselves within a few years through reduced heating bills.

  • OUTDOOR RESET CONTROLS: Why maintain high boiler temperatures when the demand for hot water is low?  Outdoor reset controls adjust the boiler water temperature to correspond with the outdoor temperature to save a significant amount of fuel when the demand is lower.
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